Student Sessions #1

Sunday, September 15
8:30 am - 9:45 am

Preparing the Planners of the Future

Lead: Spencer Johnson and Rachel Raynor

As planning professionals, we grow and evolve by learning from and educating one another. Take this opportunity to learn from professionals in a variety of specialties to evolve your familiarity with the planning industry and understand the possibilities that this exciting profession has to offer.

This session aims to build up, encourage, and educate the next generation of planners by leaving them with useful takeaways from professionals. Individuals of all ages and levels of experience are welcome, from freshmen in undergraduate programs to graduate students with years of experience in the field. The session will allow participants to learn something new, gain insight to the details of a diversity of planning careers, and help guide them into the most appropriate sector? ?or specialty. 

This interactive session caters to young planners, providing them an opportunity to converse and network with professionals in the planning field. The session will be conducted in small-group format, allowing students and professionals to have in-depth conversations about all aspects of the industry. Throughout the process, professionals will share lessons learned through past experiences, challenges, and obstacles.

Resilience Starts with Me

Lead: Natalie Hernandez

This session builds on the idea that a ?resilient future? starts with supporting individual resilience and embodying wellness and self-care into our surrounding environments. For example, how many times have you overcommitted yourself at your office or in the community? Have you ever experienced loss in productivity or burnout as a result of stress? Do you have difficulty talking about self-care with supervisors or peers? This workshop will give you tips to be a resilient planner and make you feel more confident in taking care of yourself and juggling all of your commitments. This session is geared towards students and young professionals entering into their planning career.